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| August 8, 2020

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Os melhores SeatPosts de 2014 para Down Hill, segundo a Dirt





It’s crazy to think that only a few years ago if you mentioned the idea of  running a dropper post to someone they’d have laughed in your face. Pointless,  waste of time…those were just some of the things that would have been said in  response to your ludicrous suggestion. Then, thanks to the combination of some  decent dropper post offerings, and events like the Megavalanche, the dropper  post suddenly started to become less ridiculed. At first people thought you  might just use one for a specialist race like the Mega but then take it off for  regular riding, but it wasn’t too much longer before we all started to realise  how much better they could make almost any ride, and now we are at the point  where many riders consider them indispensable.

Of course there a still a few riders out there who claim that they are an  unnecessary waste of time, but I’ve yet to find someone who thinks that after  actually riding with one. We genuinely feel that dropper posts are one of the  most significant developments in mountain biking, and we now wouldn’t want to be  without one on our trail bikes. Not all dropper posts are equal though, there’s  definitely been plenty of chaff in with the wheat over the years, but thankfully  there’s now some healthy competition going on, with three models in particular  standing out for us.

So, without further ado, here are our dropper seatpost recommendations for  2014.


É claro que alguns pilotos lá fora afirmam que eles são um desperdício de tempo, mas esse Seat Post com regulagem de altura facilita a vida e não podemos negar que é um desenvolvimento significativo para o Mountain Bike.
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